Do your food servers bring warmth to the table through kindness?

Hilda was having her annual insurance check-up online via her computer. They were in the middle of the session, and insurance representative Mrs. Jones was asking questions.

“Do you understand everything so far? Do you have any questions?” Mrs. Jones was on top of things.

“Well, yes, I do. I toured a senior living community yesterday. I never thought I would be interested in that style of living, but the tour has me rethinking.  How would my insurance work if I lived in that community? I have to tell you, I was impressed!

Everyone was kind and considerate, not just the tour guide but the other staff. Residents stopped and gave me comments, mentioning how many years they lived in the community and how much they enjoyed it. One lady even told me she fought against her daughter’s wishes to help her sell her house and move here. She thought she would hate it.

But no. Just the opposite. She kicks herself for not coming sooner. The woman mentioned trying to keep up with house maintenance after her husband passed away, dealing with repairmen, watching her savings account dwindle, and wondering if they were taking advantage of her.

She thought of all the lonely nights she spent at home, with no one to talk to except the TV and nowhere to go after dark.

She gave me her apartment number and said to look her up when I moved in. She’ll help me meet people and find my way around. She was quite talkative.”

“Well,” Mrs. Jones said, “I really . . . . “

“Furthermore,” Hilda continued. “My ladyfriend was with me, and we had lunch. Oh, the wait staff was so kind and attentive. Not only to us because we were potential residents, but I watched. They were kind and talked to everyone like they were family. Well, maybe better than family.”

Hilda laughed at her joke before going on again. “Our young girl came and refilled our coffee cups 3 times! And there was no extra charge on the tab. She did that with the other tables, too.

I watched closely. It was like they were dancers choreographed in a play. They breezed in, carrying those big trays like they were toys. Chatting while they set the plates exactly where they belonged. I watched that, too. No plates were changed, and no plates were removed until they were empty.

Did I tell you how delicious the food was? Everyone had menus handed to them. Can you imagine? Who knew something like this was available to me? I put my house up for sale an hour after I got home. I hate to admit my daughter was right, but right is right. I’m going to live in a senior living community! Now, about my insurance….”

Kindness and consideration can be learned through Kind Dining® training sessions. Your staff deserves to learn all the skills that make them better at their jobs. Residents deserve to receive kindness and consideration each time they interact with any member of your senior living community’s staff. Kindness is who we are. We Bring Warmth to the Table.

Be ♥ Kind Tip: Guests touring your community will respond to the kindnesses they see.