Are your food servers your goodwill ambassadors?

more than food serversMeal and snack times are still the most important hours of the day for Senior Living communities. That fact makes it most important to have the cream of food servers. They are the window of customer service on the job multiple times per day. The food servers are the community’s ambassadors working on your behalf. You want them to have the finest hospitality etiquette, the neatest appearance, the smile that lights up a room when they enter, and a food serving team that loves the work they do. Why you ask? Older adults in your community respond to these traits that include kindness. When residents are happy, they stay content where they are and they invite former neighbors and friends to come to join them. A happy resident means a space staying filled, not needing to spend extra monies attracting new residents to that space. New residents are attracted to an improved culture of hospitality and healthcare. They recognize the loyalty of a staff that has been long term.

Employees described above are not a dream, but a goal for your community to reach for and attain. There is a way you can have employees carrying those qualities in your community. Training. Kind Dining♥ training offers Virtual training sessions that you can continue to use with new employees and part-time food servers, too.  Training will teach food servers the skills they are lacking and better ways to do the work they have been doing. They can open doors to culture change and understanding those who have different customs and backgrounds.  A happier staff is a healthier staff. The happy staff creates commitment. The committed staff stays in the community and recruits other high-quality employees. When employees stay, the high cost of employee turnover and searching for new replacements can be used elsewhere in the community.

Highly successful communities have already started to improve their determined retention of employees trained in healthcare and hospitality for the improved person-centered culture. The opportunity for growth is here. Training classes for good citizenship and productive staff is an excellent investment.  Commitment to good training is fundamental in meeting the commands of culture re-organization. Customer satisfaction is imperative. The wisest company holds onto its residents by supplying the individual service they expect. Food servers are still the company’s best representatives. Investing in them is an investment in stability and continuance.

B♥ Kind ®Tip: A food serving team has the power to make a big difference in residents’ happiness!