Create a Community of Belonging

Transforming mealtimes to energize your community toward hospitality and kindness is not an event, it’s a relationship journey.

What is Kind Dining®

Kind Dining® is a proven comprehensive training and marketing tool.

It is a cost-effective practical, one-of-a-kind curriculum that offers immediate skill building and represents our Kind Dining brand of hospitality

We offer a common sense and often overlooked perspective that every meal is an opportunity for residents to affirm they made the right decision to live in your community. Your trained staff will feel more valued and respected by you for the individuals they are. 


After the Covid-19 pandemic, clients share with me that there has never been a more important time to invest in training that:

  • Counters the epidemic of loneliness and isolation we face. 
  • Redefines the dining experience in ways that make a difference.
  • Teaches or refreshes all staff in civil behaviors and courtesy.
  • Embraces a Servant Leadership approach to ethically manage in the dining environment and beyond. 

Attract Residents, Retain Staff & Create a Community of Belonging

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Our Approach

a Caregiver looking at ladies eating

Kindness and Generosity

Our Process

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Retain staff and Attract Residents

Our Unique Framework

Strengthen Teamwork

Moving Toward Hospitality in All Ways

It’s easy to imagine that civility, service, and hospitality training is taking place in another department, or that your staff instinctively knows how to treat your residents and one another with common good manners and good sense. 

Training vs Trying

One of the causes of incivility and poor hospitality is the wrong interpersonal behaviors are being reinforced.

People aren’t coming to work with the relationship skills that improve people’s lives but can learn.

What are you doing to keep your staff members’ skills and knowledge at the level needed to create effective relationships? 

A primary goal of management is to provide training so employees feel they belong in your organization. This is why people stay.

Your employees need to:

    Feel good about themselves

    Understand the importance of their position

    Deal with their misconceptions and attitudes that need adjustment

    Know your service standards

    Apply the foundational building blocks to provide outstanding service


We’ve done the work for you…

    “Adding a Servant Leadership focused structure to dining can only add to the overall dining satisfaction.”


    Dr. Christian A. Mason

    FACHCA, CALA, CNHA, DBA President and CEO, Senior Housing Managers, LLC

    “It will be difficult to suggest any improvements as the Kind Dining training was very current and inclusive. This was one of the best asynchronous courses I have taken (and I have taken a lot). The training is extremely engaging and interactive.”

    Janelle Wallace, Education Manager

    The Bethany Group, Camrose, Alberta CA

    Our Unique Training Approach

    We know what it takes to redefine your dining experience and retain the current and next generation of employees.

    At Kind Dining®   we will help you devise an ongoing strategy beyond your initial training to reinforce and continue this learning for all staff both current and soon-to-be hired.

    Using methods selected in concert with administrators, Kind Dining®  helps your team train in the context of the organization, including specific issues, challenges, and goals as training components are realized and discussed.

    Kind Dining®   is ready to implement today in an eLearning format.

    The transforming experience of Kind Dining presents new insights, a change of mindset, and new behavior.

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    The Foundations of Great Service

    Kind Dining Module Cindy Heilman

    The Nuts and Bolts of Great Service

    Kind Dining Module Cindy Heilman

    Maintaining Great Service

    Kind Dining Module Cindy Heilman

    How long does it take?

    It takes approximately 8 hours to complete the 9-module series.

    The series can easily be completed in 3 weeks, taking 3 courses a week.

    • Modules vary in length depending on the topic and feature an expert instructor.
    • Learners have 60 days to access and complete the series.
    • Please call Cindy at 503 913 1978 or email  if you need more time.

    The 9-module series includes:

    • Interactive lectures with a specific handbook you need to download. It contains key content for each session.
    • The online multiple-choice quiz and Evaluation Form, follow each module.
    • Upon passing the quiz, each learner receives their Certificate of Completion.


    Who Should Attend?

    We are committed to helping you keep your food servers and your newly hired employees, as an educated, invested team, who together, help you create a community of belonging.

    We suggest that 50% of staff from all departments who serve meals or pour beverages regularly, part-time, full-time, or on an emergency basis attend.

    It’s ideal as part of the Onboarding process for people who have never served meals before in Senior Living Communities for all levels of care.

    Are You Ready to Order? Let’s Do This Together!

     After registration and payment, you will be contacted with an email from

    This email delivers your personal login, password, and direct link to the online course materials.

    If you have not received the email within 24 hours, please check the junk folder. If it’s not there, email Kind Dining at (note the difference in email address from above).


    Additional Order Information:

    Upon receiving your login and password, you will have 60 days to complete the coursework. If you need more time, call Cindy at 503-913-1978.

    Order Instructions – Group:

    Please reach out to Cindy at 503-913-1978, if you have an interest in learning more about how we work with larger companies and offer group training.

    Please contact us at if you have additional questions.

    There are no refunds after training materials have been sent. Online training is not shareable, not returnable, and not transferable.

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