Are your food serving teams starting 2021 knowing the best way possible to work?

While waiting in line to mail packages at the post office, a friend noted two women discussing, behind masks, of course, their disappointments in the year 2020. They both believed it was going to be a super year instead of the shocker it became, teaching us all new ways of living. “We are ending a year of living carefully in our attempt to stay safe and healthy,” one woman claimed. “Major changes happened in our household. I insisted everyone pay attention to the new guidelines and have respect for each other by not bringing any virus home with them.” The other woman commented that 2021 was starting out with the promise of vaccines though it may take time to get around to everyone. Still, changes were in place and going to stay in place for the good of all the family. “A new year is a great time to change into positive attitudes and continue, realizing that the new wealth is actually good health. Add ‘kindness is the new cool’ and we have a good year beginning for all of us.”

Long term living communities at all levels of care, made enormous strides in educating, changing, and adapting to new ways in 2020 out of necessity. Disaster tends to bring focus to meaningful goals. Speed in placing new guidelines because of the extensive demands the coronavirus made on communities this past year has resulted in positive advancements that had been lingering for future progress. Some communities are entering 2021 with a stable and promising outlook. Food serving teams, including personal care and nursing, have taken on added responsibilities in culture change with a people-centered focus.

Kind Dining training methods lead your food serving teams into 2021 with knowledge of how they can serve older adults by working smartly with better results. Online training instills new ideas and educates your food serving teams for a more prosperous new year, starting 2021 in the right direction. Increased communication and bonding with residents and coworkers will help accomplish those goals within the company. Isolation has been difficult for many older residents. Being separated from their friends and families has added stress that is hard to overcome. Our trained food servers, in particular, have helped greatly by using kindness and thoughtfulness in their newly learned social skills of communication.

B Kind ®Tip: Remember, kindness is the new cool.