Are Your Meal Servers Ready for Culture Change?

When Sally helped her mother select a long term community to continue her life after selling her home, she felt it was time for a change in her own life too. She left her job on cruise ships to working in her mother’s community, primarily in the dining room.  Even though she was the ‘new kid on the block’ she quickly became a leader. The skills she had learned serving people who demanded the best service now came easily and naturally to her. Her coworkers noticed how the residents looked for her and the joy she brought into the dining room when she entered it. She nearly glowed! It wasn’t long before they asked her for her secrets. She was happy to share her thoughts about the training she had accomplished.

Hiring Sally was a benefit for the community because their food serving staff badly needed training to bring them up to the new tightening standards required by Federal regulations. The future is here and the spotlight in today’s retirement communities is on the dining room with food being the catalyst. Fortunately for communities who do not have a Sally, Kind Dining® is passionate about training your food servers and caregivers so your dining room may achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings. When meal servers are smarter about their job they find solutions to solve problems that arise in an unexpected instant.

Many poor habits of food servers can be corrected with immediate results. Other poor habits need the practice of working together led by masterful administrators who believe and take ownership which catapult their dining room team passed the fear of change to become successful. Culture change is here to the betterment of all, residents and employees alike. Good training inspires your meal servers to share the same vision for the happy, well-run dining room. Included in the meal serving team is the chef who oversees the plans and preparation of meals. It is the ultimate compliment for the chef to leave the kitchen to visit the residents in the dining room; to interact with those who enjoy the results of a caring and wise chef.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Remember, your food serving team has the power to raise resident satisfaction to the highest level!