Are your secrets to success hidden in your food servers?

Kind Dining

Many changes have taken place over the last year due to the pandemic. Even without the major chaos, we have lived through, it’s forward-thinking for the company to invest in bringing everyone in staff up to date with the changes and additions to the foodservice culture. Consider it a makeover to refresh serving techniques and a brush up on social skills for newcomers and long-time servers who have worked together on your team. I conducted graduate research in a community for older adults, revealing resident’s service priorities. While serving at mealtimes (or anytime really), courtesy and a positive attitude were at the top of their list. Good social skills are not inborn. If they are not taught at a young age, adults can learn them through training and practice sessions. Social skills are vitally important in any connection with the public.

Proper serving techniques have gained attention because of the number of Baby Boomers entering senior living communities. That generation of retiring adults is more sophisticated than their parent’s generation and will not accept less than they are comfortable within their present lives. The shift in attentiveness is toward person-centered hospitality and care. It is good to begin with greeting the person you are serving with a cheerful smile and offering your name. Also, learning the names of the people you serve forms a stronger connection. Anyone serving a meal may as well do it right with joy, empathy, and friendliness. Residents are not part-time and prefer to know who is bringing their meals. Allow a positive attitude to come to work with you every day, and it will serve you well.

A virtual Kind Dining♥ coaching class is ideal for adapting new skills and refreshing aptitudes in anyone serving meals. I am convinced that confident staff serving meals who strive to continually improve their service make for happier residents. These are the hidden secrets leading the way to your success! Remember, our highest goal is to have residents enjoying every meal and bonding with the people who are serving them. Honing the skills of servers increases their confidence, capability, and empathy, which creates a bond between servers as well.

B♥ Kind ®Tip: Meet residents’ expectations.