Are Your Servers Confident With Knowing Their Goal and Role?

Your Role in  Hospitality

Remember to let your staff carry the pride of their community while fulfilling their role when serving in the dining room. Their performance matters! A successful dining room is more than correctly placing plates in front of a resident. Knowing residents by name while proudly wearing their own name tag makes it easier when they introduce a new resident who may be shy about stepping into a dining room alone. They may consider seating the newcomer at a table full of singles. Connecting people to people is a talent that can be learned. Kind Dining makes it easy to learn. A server needs to keep in mind that while getting their work done is important, it is not as important as showing kindness, compassion, and hospitality.

A retired-restaurant-owner-friend-of-mine tells me about a bistro two blocks from his home. He chuckles saying, “I don’t need a watch to tell me what time it is five days a week.”  Cars pull up, park and people start floating into his place at 11:30 so they can get a seat for lunch. It looks like an invisible magnet at work. The same happens again at 4:30! I tell him that he has a well-oiled machine. He tells me he has his staff trained to his specifications. “Everyone knows his job and his co-workers job. No one steps out of line, everyone helps, and everyone is happy! The goal and proof is in the register total at the end of the day.”

The dining room is the diamond of a community and it is the goal of the servers to make it shine like the finest jewel ever. Kind Dining®  training will let your servers know the power they handle in complementing contented residents with reaching the goals of the community.  They are important to your company’s reputation; how they serve meals and interact with the residents is a key factor in your community’s success. Helping their co-workers inspires and encourages anyone who sees it. It is part of creating a team that works like the flow of a gentle, tropical ocean wave.

Remind your staff how important they are just by coming to work today and how much hospitality and good service are appreciated. They are the backbone of your community.

B♥ Kind® Tip:  Know your goal and role.