Are Your Servers Full of Hospitality?

Hospitality Made Easy

Growing up I was fortunate enough to interact with guests at our dinner table often. I learned naturally how to enjoy and extend hospitality. Later when I was a food service director I realized that others were not so lucky.  I saw that my co-workers desperately needed those skills.  My Masters in Nutrition and Food Management revealed my passion for hospitality in the dining rooms serving seniors and how an affordable tool like Kind Dining could transform server training to add success to any senior living community.

Even if your servers were not exposed to ‘manners and dining habits’ at home, they can learn and practice every day until it all comes naturally to them. They need to be brave enough to take on new challenges focusing on the accomplishment of their goals. Once their job comes easily they will love what they do. Once they see that they do set the ambiance of the dining room and bring warmth to the table, they will appreciate the training more than ever. Your residents will also appreciate smoother hassle-free mealtimes, forming bonds with those they are in contact every day and often considering staff as extended family. Confident servers interact with their co-workers and residents with grace and charm. Stronger mealtime relationships reflect on the community as a whole bringing recommendations to friends and families through the dining room.

B♥ Kind® Tip:  Practice your Kind Dining skills every day; they will soon come naturally!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg!  For more information on the opportunity of Kind Dining© training, click here.