Do you know people whose ideas of retirement living are old-fashioned?


Senior communities Healthy lifestyleTom was talking to his younger, married brother Bob about taking time to do some repairs around their mother’s house.  “I can’t be here to do all the repairs that are needed. I have to fly out tomorrow for a meeting in Chicago and I’ll be gone for ten days. It seems like one thing after another has broken or stopped working since Dad passed away. You are just going to have to do them because I can’t.”

“Sorry Tom, with the kids’ school schedules and Lisa’s overtime required at the office, I cannot get away either. We need to find a solution to make the repairs and somehow arrange for Mom not to be alone so much. It isn’t healthy. She misses Dad terribly. Neighbors can only help so much.” 

While Tom was away and found free time between work obligations, he began to surf the ‘net. To his complete surprise, he found an abundance of retirement living communities, within easy access to his condo and his brother’s house. Each one sounded like a vacation resort for active, daily living. He easily pictured his mother enjoying life again, finding new friends within the community, participating in activities, and near enough so he could drop in any time. Plus, she could spend time with Bob, Lisa, and the grandkids now and then, when their busy schedules allowed, of course. Mom could have her own apartment for peace and quiet when she wanted it   Two of the communities near them had assisted living units close at hand, in case they became necessary. Wow! He had no idea this style of living existed for older adults. Selling Mom’s house would take care of the expense. After all, Dad used to say that their house was an investment, so he always took good care of it. I wonder if he was thinking how much this investment would benefit Mom now.

Times have changed and senior retirement has been one of the biggest changes. No longer did retirement homes have the negative image they suffered so long ago. With communities stating their offerings, showing photos of grounds and buildings, and inviting the public to come for lunch to see for themselves how wonderful living was available for seniors in this modern age. Stopping in for lunch and a tour will give prospects a taste of the food offered and the dining service given. 

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