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A friend recently sent this to me after seeing the body of work curated:

“Researchers have confirmed what parents have known for a long time. Sharing a meal is good for the spirit, the brain, and the health of all family members.” Anne Fishel, Ph.D.

“There is no better classroom than the family table.”   Kaye Earle

Internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer Steve McCurry has published a series of photographs taken of families/friends titled: “The Family Table“. The photos were taken in Michigan, the USA, India, Honduras, Macedonia, Italy, Viet Nam, Lebanon, Hungary, and more.

She immediately thought of me, my Kind Dining♥ beliefs and teachings of bringing warmth to the table where your community residents are gathered for their meals like families. Autumn and winter are even more pronounced times when we get together with friends and family. A time when you want your food serving team to be aware of the importance of their service, the connection of hospitality and healthcare, and to perform at their peak.

Dining is often the deciding factor of clients choosing your community to make their home. It is still your company’s biggest selling point. For this reason alone, it makes training your food serving teams a key point of investment in your organization. The wise decision is to place their training at the top of your budget. Kind Dining♥ interactive training sessions are now available online to help tight budgets make room for them first. It is generally known that newly hired employees choose to stay with the company or seek other employment within the first 3 months of their first day at work. Embracing your food servers from all departments, including any employee who handles food, such as recreation/activity staff,  to have confidence in their work, by deserved training, returns positives to the residents, company, community, and to the entire service team.  A quick turnover of a new employee, for lack of training, in these days of labor shortages can be devastating to the company and to the other employees who must fill those empty spaces. Isn’t it a smarter decision to lead an employee in the direction of learning to love the work they do, because they know how to do it well?

With Kind Dining♥ training you can guide your employees to continue learning long after their initial orientation. The deeper their education, the more your employees will feel being part of the company, carrying pride in it, loving their responsibilities, and the residents they come to know, respect, and attend.

B♥ Kind Tip: Do your employees know how to perform their responsibilities?