Do you know what the value of your food serving skills are to the company?

Many stories of many kindnesses being extended to a customer come to me in many different ways. The stories aren’t always directly related to Long Term Care or Retirement Living, but the idea of kindness stretches from one station to another. For instance, a father checking into the Ritz Carlton for a conference brought his young son along. As they were checking in, the boy, knowing Spiderman was affiliated with the Ritz Carlton from the film, asked his father if there was a chance they may see Spiderman. A nearby janitor performing some light duties overheard the boy’s question that must have contained some high excitement in it. Because the employees of the Ritz Carlton are empowered, he contracted an agency to have Spiderman make a delivery to the hotel room where the boy was. He surely was overwhelmed by meeting his hero at the door! A lifetime memory and a lifetime customer were made!

By the way, each Ritz Carlton hotel has a full-time training director who stresses service value in his coaching. Sound familiar? Kind Dining® has been teaching trainees the same values, beginning equally with the intent of being proud of where you work. Although the venue may differ slightly, both are concerned with comfort and care and pledging personal service. Building strong lifetime relationships that are treasured and long-lasting is fundamental. Aren’t the goals for your LTC and retirement community similar?

The food servers have daily changes each day that they must learn and have ready answers when residents ask. It is vital that they know what foods, plus their descriptions, and drinks are on the menu for three meals a day plus snacks. It’s also important that they know what will not be on the menu or offered as a special on that particular day. Keep in mind always, that to the residents, mealtimes are the most important hours of the day.  Even in these times of COVID 19 when meals are delivered to them, food servers need to bring the warmth of the table into the resident’s room.

Kind Dining® training reminds your food servers that knowing their job better makes their job easier and opens their mind to offering new ideas to improve food service. Their input is vital to the success of the organization.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Remember, everyone is unique, valuable, and worthy of respect