Do you tell a food server you admire their style when you see them providing wonderful service?

Martha sat on a bench in the park sharing an impromptu picnic lunch on Sunday afternoon with her friend Kathryn.  She was bubbling over with excitement stumbling to find the right words after she told Kathryn that she had important news to share when she just let them tumble out.

“I’ve been chosen as Employee of the Month!” she said. “I’m not bragging, just surprised and could hardly hold it in and not tell you on the telephone!” Martha has worked as a food server at an assisted living community for 9 years. “It’s a new program,” she continued, “and this is the first month! It was announced at our monthly employee meeting and the committee chair explained how it works. They presented me with a beautiful gift basket that held a gift card for Target for $50! Plus a fancy box of chocolates, nuts, cookies, and other specialty foods items. There was also a card signed by many of the people I serve on a daily basis.”

“Congratulations! Knowing you as I do, I’m sure you earned every bit of the applause you received.” Kathryn said.

“Thank you. There was applause from everyone in our monthly discussion meeting. I’m not used to the spotlight, was a little embarrassed by the attention but very pleased. A Certificate of Achievement was handed to me and my picture was taken to hang on the Event Announcement Wall in the lobby. Next month I’ll be on the committee to choose the new recipient. I feel giddy with the good wishes from my coworkers. I care what they think.   You know, I just go along trying to do the best at my job, think about the people I bring meals to and how difficult it is for them sometimes. I never think about whether anyone notices or not. I love what I do and have fun with the residents, especially the elders. They are always so happy to see me. The last year has been tough on them.”

Kind Dining♥ training encourages sincere praise of employees that have an uplifted, positive attitude and does their best to give individual attention to each person served. Food servers build confidence when they know they are appreciated for extending kindly care and particular attention to residents. They are in touch several times a day with residents and make an impact that is vital to the company, too.  Surveys have revealed appreciation makes a deeper impression than the amount of money the employee earns. Healthy working relationships between staff and coworkers and between employees and residents don’t just happen. With Kind Dining♥ training sessions (available online now) your food serving team can learn how to build a team where everyone is a winner including the community and the company. The team includes each person who serves food or a beverage, only once in a while, every day, or only on rare occasions. It is still teamwork and everyone likes to be appreciated for the work they do!

B♥ Kind ®Tip: If you see a coworker having a tough day, ask if you can help.