Do your employees know the importance of their service?

Do your employees know how important each resident in your senior living community is to your company’s success? A long-time friend who is an avid reader sends items of interest to me about long-term living, which she knows I’ll enjoy. For example, a recent article told how one woman, I’ll call her Carol, happened to visit a retirement community by running an errand. She was delivering historical information pamphlets and was doubly surprised. First, she didn’t realize the woman lived in a retirement community, and secondly, she was pleasantly surprised by how nice retirement living can be! She had no idea!

The community impressed Carol so much that when her out-of-state mother passed away, she invited her step-father to come for a visit to check the community so he could live near family. He did. He came. He was impressed. He happily moved in. Her husband’s parents decided it was time to sell their home after experiencing a bout of medical convalescence. They left the state they lived in to move into this community where they would be near their son and daughter-in-law.

Carol’s brother, also living out-of-state, was growing older but didn’t want to leave his home for so many years. Carol suggested he visit and consider the retirement community a summer home where he could be near family for half the year. He, too, came, toured the community, and began spending his summers near his sister. Carol came next. After her husband passed away, she began living in the community as a second home to cut down on driving the long distance for visits. When the coronavirus hit, Carol and her brother decided the safest place to be was in the community. They both moved in full-time.

Of course, it wasn’t that simple. But once it began with a casual visit, it generated another and another. Word of mouth is a reliable advertisement. It comes from the most important source-the people who live there.

The community seems to have sustained all the important reasons for the family to keep moving in. The staff was well-trained and supported the community. Training employees to give their best performance and to like the work they do is a significant key to success. Kind Dining♥ training turns your employees into the company’s most valuable assets. It’s who residents rely on, so they can invite friends and family to join them.  Your employees caring about the residents receiving quality compassionate healthcare and hospitality are goals they can reach with training sessions and practice. Kind Dining♥ training services are now offered on-demand online in 9 eLearning modules, divided into three sections, for 8 hours of instructions.

B♥ Kind Tip: Remember, improvement is an ongoing process!