Do Your Employees Look Forward to Coming to Work?

A friend of mine told me that she put her house up for sale. She followed all the tips the Realtor® suggested about staging the interior of her home. When one couple came to look at the house, they struck up a conversation. “I noticed how clean all the streets in the neighborhood are,” she commented. This surprised my friend who had concentrated on the interior of the house, but she replied, “Yes, we’re part of the neighborhood volunteers who do our share of tidying up the roadways. You’ll even see a plaque on the roadside letting people know that we care about our neighborhood.”

The couple bought the house because they loved it, but also because it was important to them to live in a place where people took pride and cared where they lived.

Caring and pride where you live and where you work are important and affects not only yourself as an employee, but others around you. When all employees care about the environment they work in, your residents will receive the overflow. A pleasant “Good Morning” can set a happy pace for a resident, as well as tissues dropped in a hallway and not picked up because “it isn’t my job” can turn their day sour. It’s more than being told what to do and doing it.  It’s about wanting to come to work where fellow workers care like you do and kindly step out of their job description to be a part of a happy community.

Kind Dining® training knows how to turn your community around to be the best productive and happy community you want it to be. Showing servers, nurses, caregivers, staff, and all who work in the community how to look at the workday from a new perspective will change their life for the better and your residents will be happier for it. A new day will begin once Kind Dining® leads your team through the labyrinth of attitude change toward new regulations. Your employees will look forward to coming to work and your residents will take pride in where they chose to call home.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: A positive attitude always makes a big difference in everyone’s day.