Do your food servers create a good butterfly effect?

Alice’s eyes fell on her daughter’s open book that showed a lovely picture of a butterfly with the caption commenting about the butterfly effect. It stated the theory that a butterfly gently flapping his wings can cause a typhoon halfway around the world. Hmm. She immediately thought about the last idea session at the retirement community where she was a food server for the last five years. She recalled that they talked about person-centered care about food servers incorporating small ways in their daily service that would make a major difference to the older adults in the community.

She thought about applying this theory to her work performance, take notes to see how much of a difference it made, and report it at their next meeting. She would enjoy discussing this with the team because their leadership encouraged ways to improve the quality of life for their residents and support the foodservice team. Alice knew the emotional level many of the older adults she served were highly sensitive in this past pandemic year. She had already extended consideration sensitivity to those who seemed to need it more than others. Now she would be aware of all she served and seek where they may need attention but haven’t asked for it. She later reported to her discussion group at the meeting. The butterfly theory worked! Small things can have an impact on complex situations!

The Kind Dining♥ training sessions have long been focusing on person-centered care. Our core value has been including civility, courtesy, and caring as a natural, easy part of a food server’s day with older adults and with coworkers, too. With practice, this new positive attitude becomes a part of who the person is every day. Our sessions are interactive, so your food serving team can get the physical feeling of what is needed and expected. We encourage sharing responsibilities in helping your coworkers and seeking improving ways of implementing your work.

There were movements of change in our industry before the pandemic arrived. COVID 19 just made changes take place immediately. It pointed out the necessity of person-centered care. It also brought out the best in people working in the service industry that held our older adult communities together during this crisis. Kind Dining♥ believes that once learned, good training stays with a person forever, becoming a part of who they are through practice. It’s an investment the company will benefit from, as long as good food servers are needed, whether they are food servers who serve meals daily or ancillary staff from various departments just filling in when required.

 B♥ Kind ®Tip: With Kind♥ Dining service, be brave enough to make positive changes.