Do your food servers feel like they belong in your company?

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The trend shows that employees seek work positions where they can grow as individuals; feel accepted for who they are and their work. Challenges, education with training, and a voice that can make suggestions and improvements seem more important than a high wage. They want to be productive and make a difference. The Millennials and Gen Z are the most diverse group of employees. In today’s job market, they are evaluating the company they choose to join. Diversity is important to that decision, alongside inclusion and equity. It is understood that they desire an environment of various cultures, backgrounds, and customs. Because of these qualities, they will respond with empathy to your diverse residents.

Employees who feel like they belong will display a caring consideration about their coworkers, encouraging them to work as a team and the residents they have been hired to serve. It is imperative that everyone in your company’s organization, especially management, is comfortable with this policy of diversity. If they feel alienated, diversity will work against the company using this plan to attain success. Requiring management to attend training sessions with your food serving team, housekeeping, and other departments will close the cultural gap and build a solid foundation through empathy and knowledge. Cooperation is a goal to create a company with family-like bonds that work toward company goals.

Working with a sense of value to the company, where the employee has the responsibility to make decisions when necessary, for the good of your residents, encourages them to invest their intelligence and expertise. Employees with that assurance become part of the company, valued for their integrity. Equity confirms the faith the company has in the employee’s development. Choosing excellent training that is not a program but a way of life for your newly hired employees and a refreshment course for your present employees is a wise decision.Kind Dining♥ training sessions fulfill the education, knowledge, and interactive exercises that lead your employees to build that sense of improvement because they want to work smarter and with the intention; to perform at their highest ability. Kind Dining♥ training courses appeal to all cultures, backgrounds, ages, and full- or part-time employees. Our training sessions can create a work team that looks forward to coming to work every day.

B♥ Kind Tip: Employees who feel like they belong reach for higher performance.