Do your food servers know they are heroes ?

Sally had no idea that within a short period of time she went from being just a food server in a senior living community to be a hero. That’s what COVID-19 did for many faithful employees. Sally never gave it much thought. She just came into work, did her job as best she could, and went home. Now she realized as well as the world does, that she truly is a hero and has been since the first day she came to work. She always enjoyed casual conversation with the residents because she believed since she saw them nearly every day they were a second family. Kindness and consideration were part of her nature. That was why the others on the food serving team were always so happy to see her. Her kindness didn’t stop with the residents. She was that way with everyone. It’s no wonder she became an instant hero as soon as the pandemic began.

Sally was fortunate to have a pleasant, generous nature. Others who don’t have that natural way can learn good manners and how to turn disasters into pleasant encounters through training. The pandemic has changed the routines that were set in place which makes this a perfect time to reorganize and freshen your food service staff. Send your team the message that the administration cares enough to have Kind Dining ♥ training sessions inspire them further. Kindness has been the operative word this past year. Invite this contagious campaign of kindness to continue guiding your staff. The pandemic pulled food service to work together, encourage what was learned under pressure to continue now that we are overcoming the crisis of 2020. Allow your frontline workers to carry the pride earned by moving forward through dark times.

Good coming out of the bad side of the pandemic is the trust that has built up between residents to staff and food service with their coworkers. In this highly emotional time, we needed to lean on each other and develop trust between us. It’s a great plus for any community. With the no-visitor policy, we continue to share a dialogue with the residents creating a bond that wasn’t there before the pandemic hit us.  The food service team has had to be prepared and to respond to emergency changes quickly and to adapt to new ways of serving, always keeping the residents’ needs first and foremost in mind.

B♥ Kind ®Tip: Practice your Kind Dining ♥ skills every day; they will soon come naturally!