Do all your food servers take pride in their work?


Kind DiningIt is time to stand back and examine where your budget from last year succeeded your desires or failed them. In these times of severe labor shortages, if you have lost employees this past year you need to know why and how you can prevent losing employees ever again. Did you provide them with the best training possible, not only when they were first hired, but ongoing education that builds their confidence and creates a sense of ownership in the company and community? On the job responsibilities are not learned in a week nor are they learned by a manager handing them a list and saying ‘these are your duties.’

Better than your college degree earned in 4 years, on-the-job training is ongoing, learning new ideas, practicing what you learned last week, and continuing to seek ways to work smarter and with purpose. It is about learning civility, caring, respecting residents, all staff, and your coworkers. Deeply learning your work brings about a feeling of being a part of the organization, not just working for it; it is about forming relationships with residents and coworkers, and knowing your job well enough that you are comfortable with suggesting new ways and better ideas. Does the administration ask opinions of the food serving team from all departments when a dilemma arises in their area? Do your food servers from all departments take pride in their work? Are your residents happy to see the food servers, not just the food they bring? Has anyone ever asked your residents if they do?

Kind Dining♥ unique, exclusive training curriculum combined with interactive exercises shows employees the way to a deeper education that they can call on, with confidence, to solve complications that arise in their area of work. They will learn how to build connections with residents and to build respect for them also. A change of attitude happens when certainty forms within. Self-assurance creates leaders that handle situations with ease and it creates employees that wish to remain with a company that respects them enough to offer the training they can use every day to better their lives and the lives around them. Learning the specifics that surround their work even if they are not directly part of their daily work, increases their knowledge so they can react to the overall picture of their job. It will also generate stronger, respectful working relationships with coworkers. This results in food serving teams that can overcome any difficulty and be ambassadors for the organization and community to be proud to call its own.


B♥ Kind Tip: Is your training limited to ‘here’s a list of your duties’?