Do Your Food Servers Use Communication and Teamwork to Their Benefit?

We all know that the dining room in the community is not the same as a restaurant vying for its place in popularity with the public. But we also know that a community dining room run like that popular restaurant is a place we are aiming for. To satisfy our residents, their guests and our food servers is a good goal and a result of good teamwork. Steve Wynn of Wynn Resort & Casino fame knows about service in teamwork and how it works for everyone it touches.

He tells the story of being in Paris with his family. For the first morning while staying at the elite Four Seasons they ordered breakfast in their rooms. His daughter ate only half of her croissant thinking that she would finish it as a snack when they returned from sightseeing. Alas, when they returned the croissant was gone. No doubt housekeeping had cleaned the room.

There was a note beside the telephone stating that the croissant had been removed with the assumption that a fresh one would be preferable. All that was needed was a call to the desk and the kitchen would send the fresh pastry up.

Being in the service business himself, Mr. Wynn immediately recognized communication and teamwork formed from different departments in the hotel to perform the best service for customer satisfaction. Housekeeping had informed the desk and the desk had informed the kitchen. Each employee had accepted his responsibility and participation to fulfill a small desire that added to the larger picture of a perfect, memorable visit.

If your dining room doesn’t have that ease of good teamwork Kind Dining® is available to correct your problems and train your food servers to be aware of individual resident satisfaction and to happily accept that responsibility. Training and practice create an easy flow of changing a glitch into a resident being delightfully satisfied and impressed, all because a food server was quick to spot a problem and know how to fix it.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Let your residents see the communication and teamwork of your food servers.