Do your part time food servers understand the impact they have on older residents?

Kind Dining

Sandra and Chloe met early before the Book Club meeting to share some herbal tea and catch up on the latest news. Sandra recently retired from being a senior living administrator.

“Remember Lucy who used to babysit for my daughter? She’s wrapping up her first year in college, majoring in English. She came for some needed advice.”

“Really? Not to your daughter?”

“She spent last summer and her college-break times working mostly as a food server at the Assisted Living community in town. Once her college went on Virtual classes, she added extra time working there. She came to love the ‘grandparents’ as she calls them, and the personal connection with them in her work. She wants to change her major and go to work full-time in healthcare as a career. She’s drawn to the foodservice end of the business and wondered if I had any inside information to give her from my years in service.”

“Good for her,”  Chloe said. “So many kids don’t know what they want in the first year of college.”

It’s happened before and will again. Once some young adults work in a field that really draws them in, they realize that it is better to spend working hours doing what you love instead of focusing on the how-much-money-can–I-make aspect. Well-trained part-timers will return to the job at each opportunity and may desire to become full-time employees. Capturing this passion to hone a person’s skills creates a cycle of self-improvement and job enjoyment.

Kind Dining♥ training helps people enjoy their work by understanding their importance in the daily lives of residents they serve. They also become emerging leaders assuming more responsibility. They tend a diverse group of older people who are no longer strangers to their next-door neighbor or the people they see in the activity rooms. Well-trained food servers in the community know how to create relationships with those residents and guide them to build friendships with each other.  Enhancing the quality of daily life by improving the dining experience is ultimately the bottom line for the business end of the administration.

B♥ Kind ®Tip:  Remember your vision to build stronger mealtime relationships.