Do Your Servers Know the Importance of Their Role!?

Importance of Knowing the Goal and Your Role

Anyone that looks will notice a team that works smoothly together whether you attend a catered party or dine out in the new rave restaurant in the next town over. It’s the difference in an Olympic couple dancing on the ice or the jerky movements of a marionette on a string. You want your community to have that Olympic performance and your servers can do that with Kind Dining training.

When your servers learn to be efficient, show kindness, and make hospitality their personal goal they will work with others smoothly, breaking up any icebergs that exist, creating inspiration in others. Encouragement coming from co-workers, staff, and residents is the best reward one can achieve. Practicing awareness one meal at a time ends in your servers reaching their goals. They can all be leaders, as long as they are brave enough to make positive changes.

The easiest place to begin is with a smile. Ask your servers to offer it to everyone, especially to co-workers who are new to the job, or work a different shift, as well as residents. A smile alters the tone of their voice keeping it pleasant even if they are dealing with a problem in their personal life.  Reminding your servers to thank any person who helped out today creates good teamwork. Everyone wins when the team knows their role and works toward the same goal!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg!  For more information on the opportunity of Kind Dining® training, click here.