Does your company invest in your employees?

“I’m concerned that my company may be in trouble,” Matthew commented. “We’ve lost too many of our staff for various reasons and it isn’t easy to replace them. We’re trying different ways to encourage them to stay, including increases in pay. It should work if that is a deciding factor for someone planning to leave us to go to another community. We’re making it very public that we believe in excellent and continuous training for our employees too. Training is so important.”

Matthew and David stopped to grab a burger and a beer for lunch after another morning basketball game in a series of games they attend for exercise. Matthew picked up the conversation where they left off before the game started. He is a management staff person at an Assisted Living community as David is in another community. They often work out problems through their discussions and trading ideas.

“For the first time, we hired part-time students as food servers at age 15 which is 2 years younger than our normal requirement” David offered. “We also have a new training series where we set aside a dollar into a scholarship fund for each hour they work, hoping the incentive will keep them focused and faithful to our company. They really respond to the training. Their energy and enthusiasm overflow in a notable way with our residents. Our residents give us positive comments. I’m excited about it and much prefer it to robots. It’s like an investment in our future to support a youngster with dreams and ideals. I’ll keep you posted on how that is working. I expect to be giving you stories of success. How is that for confidence?” David chuckled because he was excited about this idea he strongly suggested at a meeting a few months ago and wanted desperately for it to succeed.

Matthew replied with sincere interest. “I agree with you on using robots only as a last, desperate measure. An investment in youthful energy sounds much more promising. I would be proud of our company’s involvement in helping young adults to more purposeful education while benefiting our community at the same time. I’m going to bring that idea up at our next meeting. Tell me more.”

Kind Dining♥ training series reinforces the long-term positive results that come from educating your employees with interpersonal, and technical skills, and smarter work habits. Continued practicing and reinforcing what they have learned will follow up with years of caring, confidence, and competent employees from a small investment in a one-of-a-kind training series that hits the mark and improves performance. It works!

B♥ Kind Tip: Building confidence in your employees through training is a smart investment.