Does Your Dining Room Have Winning Teamwork?

The culture of hospitality is the key factor in senior care community and the dining room is the heart of that factor. It’s usually where strangers come to first meet their new lifetime neighbors, to dine, socialize, and generally get to know each other. It‘s also where they will come to see the serving staff three times a day and get to know them as well. When your serving staff has been trained by Kind Dining® they will know how to make this transition easy for the newcomers to your community.

Serving meals, while creating a comfortable environment is a team effort that does not come naturally to everyone. Working together as a team is complex. Each person on the team has their own responsibilities, plus is there to help their teammate when needed. Team participants build trust as they become an important part of something bigger than the individual.

Your community dining room can be a winner that gets noticed in the same way that the late, great coach Vince Lombardi was in football.  His legendary teamwork habits remain long after his lifetime ended because they brought the results of a winning team. Kind Dining® training can make your community and your dining room a winner by coaching you to build the best team, one that gets noticed!

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Focus on teamwork that builds trust for a winning dining room.