Does your food serving staff support harmony, communication, and team building?

Kind Dining TrainingChad was talking to Sherry during their lunch break after a morning training session. “I like this new routine of discussion meetings every week and the training refresher course we’re taking. To be honest with you, I didn’t think I needed it. After all, I waited tables in a fine dining restaurant for five years before I came to the community as a food server. But I like to keep an open mind and was curious to see what was offered in a training session.”

“Well, you are new to us and I see you have adapted easily. I’m glad you came. You are easy to work with, especially when a problem arises. You don’t panic or get upset.”

“Thank you, Sherry. I appreciate your ‘Star of Approval.” Chad flushed and smiled in a teasing way. “I have to tell you that I never thought of striking up a conversation with the residents or creating a bond with them. Formality was encouraged in my restaurant but I enjoy getting to know who I serve. There is so much more to these older adults than I ever dreamed of. They often have great stories once I get them talking. I also never thought of this being their chosen, permanent home. Guess I had in mind that it was like a hospital visit instead. I like knowing I am waiting on them in their home. It makes me feel a bit special.”

“Yes, it’s so much more than delivering a nice plate of food. It really is blending healthcare with hospitality.” Sherry said. “I, too, like the brush-up training sessions. There is so much still to learn and I’ve been working at this community for nine years. Rules change and better practices constantly arise. Plus we have new people move in and also new food servers are hired. Our food serving team is at its best right now. Last year a difficult person was unfortunately hired. She was rude and quite incompetent. I was glad that she didn’t stay long. We do work as a team and help each other when it’s needed. The Pandemic brought out the best in teamwork. We responded to the call. Good training sessions helped to guide us, to work with attentive efficiency-I think it’s called ‘better, not harder and it works for me!”

Kind Dining♥ training sessions, now available remotely, coaches hands’ on training about customer service, culture change, improving the quality of life for residents eating at home, uniquely blending healthcare values and best practices with hospitality values and best practices, for fifteen years now and still going strong.


B♥ Kind ®Tip: Confidence and doing your best are the first steps to loving the work you do!