Does your food serving team know they are present-day heroes?

It’s harvest time for your food serving team. During these times of COVID 19, they realize the skills learned have been so critical to their work in the community. To harvest their sense of fulfillment and to acknowledge that they are the heroes of today. Is that not enough to feel joyful in the work they do?

If ever they doubted their value as a member of a food serving team, these past several months must be acknowledged and appreciated. Of course, the residents are the first to appreciate and show their pleasure when seeing their food server at the door. Their food server will be bringing news from within the community, maybe some personal or funny story, and relief from boredom, social interaction, and lack of activity. In return, the food server will note the resident’s overall appearance and attitude to see if they need any special attention or help with a problem. 

Food servers are providing health care and hospitality to each resident they serve. Their attitude, professional appearance, serving skills, and smile of acceptance offered are most welcome. This is the joy they offer and spread among the residents. Yes, they have cares and fears of their own, afraid of carrying the coronavirus to their own families. Yet, they are on the job each day accepting their responsibilities seriously, knowing their value, and carrying on because they are needed. Joy is the gift from personal service, knowing the importance of your work, and knowing you perform your work with inner satisfaction.

Kind Dining® still teaches the improvement of the dining experience for the residents in your community. Serving food and the joy of serving at mealtimes is even more meaningful to the residents. It cuts into their solitary times, breaks up the quarantine monotony, and builds the bond between the food server and the resident. A sense of purpose for the food server, which focuses on what matters most, the resident also fulfills the server. In these times of stress and sometimes fear, the food server that sets the ambiance of mealtime and mealtimes are still the significant parts of the day for each resident.

“We know it is the one thing your residents universally value.”

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Remember your vision to build stronger mealtime relationships.