Does your food serving team receive a ‘thank you’ for using their learned skills?

The food serving team in a community sets the ambiance for each mealtime and everyone agrees that mealtimes are the most important time of the day for residents. With today’s required physical distancing, food servers are often the one human, in-the-flesh-link to the outside world for some residents. They carry the most responsibility, not only bringing in food the resident anticipates, but also brings in a live one-on-one conversation, community news of the day, and calmness to some residents who are still fearful of COVID 19. Your food servers are the company’s most valued asset in normal times; in times of the pandemic they are vital. Good always comes out of bad. When your foodservice team comes into work every day knowing there is possible danger to them, but also knowing they are needed is an act of heroism.  The company and the community are depending on them, as are the residents they have come to know through the service they have been giving before the Coronavirus appeared. 

Forward-thinking administration will tell their food serving teams just how important they are and how appreciative they are of their food serving performance. Let them be aware they are crucial to their work; their achievements reflect company values. Most of all let them know the impact their food serving technique has on the residents. They may not be aware that the job they do every day is vital to the well-being of the residents’ quality of life as well as the life-line of the company.

Kind Dining® training is a great way to achieve the food serving team you want to have in your community. It is a time for paying attention to detail in delivering the room service necessary today. Kind Dining® trained food servers who participate especially on theme meal days will help to relax residents upset by the COVID 19 threat.  Dressing to match the theme, adding appropriate music, and extra notables all help in the process. The themes are meant to create a fun time to loosen up worried residents. Theme dining is one way to lighten the moods of those who are in restricted social gatherings, especially at mealtimes.

Our B Kind® Tip: You are important to your company and community; how you serve meals makes a difference!