Does your food serving team retain enthusiasm through the challenges they meet?

Kind Dining

You may ask how your food serving team can be expected to retain their enthusiasm on the job when times, such as this past year have brought challenges they were not prepared for. Now that Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Retirement Communities have contained the fast-spreading of coronavirus the food serving team has the right to pat themselves on the back for a job well done.  Food servers adapted to in-room service and wheeled carts filled with deli selections, snacks, and beverages. They traveled throughout the community hallways, open spaces, and pop-up corners easy to reach yet still able to keep a distance from others. Large common rooms were laced with small table settings of 2 or 4 carefully distanced for healthful dining.

Management and employee discussions that included requests from residents, worked on alternative ideas to replace the closing of their traditional dining rooms. Among other ideas, they decided on installing ‘Grab & Go’ cafes where meals were packaged ready to pick up including freshly made and boxed pizzas. Weather permitting, terraces and patios were put to use with umbrella tables where the lighter fare was offered. Other alternative dining choices such as pop-up Bistros located closer to residents’ rooms and apartments were opened as the coronavirus was in the process of being contained. The food serving teams were visibly in touch and smiling behind their masks, doing exceptional work reaching and assuring the residents they served. 

Kind Dining♥ training teaches the skills that built the confidence and competence these food serving teams displayed. The combination of healthcare teams embracing our unique blend of hospitality is the thread that runs through food serving teams that work together with enthusiasm. They typically desire to learn how to work easier and better, connecting and bonding with residents they serve. They helped to build recaptured lives after the pandemic hit through mealtimes and social event hours. Pride in the work they do and caring the way they do it was certainly earned. This approach creates a joy that overflows and improves everyone’s day that comes in contact with these dedicated food servers. It’s a goal to strive for and shows enthusiasm and respect for coworkers, residents, and the community. 

The secret to success via Kind Dining♥ is to educate the communities that desire a service makeover by sharing fundamentals such as courtesy and positive attitude every day, perfected social skills, and proper serving techniques that are necessary to enjoy a winning dining environment. This includes group meetings that invite residents’ thoughts and opinions.

B♥ Kind Tip: Smile as you practice your newly learned Kind Dining♥ skills!