Does your food serving team’s pay envelope show how much you value them?

April was having a conversation via a computer Messenger with a friend who called her for advice about how to choose a senior living community. She now lived in a different state so she couldn’t move to April’s community.

“Do you remember when I was in the hospital before you moved to your daughter’s?”

“Sure do. You were complaining about the food before you could barely sit up. I remember it well and laughed at it, not realizing how serious you were.”

“Sam. His name just popped into my head! That was the man who brought my meals every day. He made me laugh even while I complained. Sam saved the day! I looked forward to seeing him come in. He also gave me some hints on which foods to definitely avoid that were listed on the menu. I wonder if he still works there or has taken his super service to someplace that appreciates him. I’ll have to check with Barbara. She’s still a nurse there.”

“I’m amazed that you remember him and his name, too!”

“I can only tell you that he was the highlight of mealtime, not the food. I mention this because that is what you want to do. When you tour the senior living communities, ask residents about the food and the service. It is the most important part of the day, every day!”

It’s true! Mealtimes are still the most important part of every day for your residents. When Kind Dining♥ training programs are part of your food servers’ lives, your community is more likely to keep the same familiar faces your residents like to see. A  server gains confidence from what they learn in the training sessions. This gives them the confidence of good performance on their part. Add contentment from their competitive salary and they will carry an assurance in the community. When you have a reliable employee and one that you will not need to waste time finding a replacement and begin training again. Everyone wins you have the right food serving team. Residents are happier with seeing a familiar face and knowing they can rely on their service.  Recent labor shortages have made it even more difficult to find the right person to work in your community. If you have a good serving team, you want them to be content in all matters that concern them, including the salary earned.