Expanding Opportunities for Your Nursing Staff

Some time ago I was explaining the importance of learning new skills for nurses during a training session of Kind Dining. One individual balked at the idea of needing to do anything different than she had always done. She was so adamant that her arms folded across her chest looked like they would block any new information from entering her made-up mind. She didn’t want to learn anything new. She was used to the old ways. She was not about to change regardless of new regulations. And she refused to take orders from her residents. It just wasn’t done!

I explained to her that if she didn’t take orders, did she ask her residents what their choice was from the day’s menu?  “Of course” she grumbled, determined to cement the wall she built between us. Using communication and instruction to erode that wall, I went on to explain how her residents’ lives would improve in a personal, caring response to her nurse’s service. Serving meals gives an extended homey, family feeling to mealtime when resident’s nurse also serves her food. It’s called nourishing. I continued to explain how learning to serve meals properly, in the best possible way was an opportunity to add to her list of nursing skills. It would make any nurse a well-rounded, more desirable leader.

Embracing the new regulations in a pleasing manner and implementing them through proper training, creates happier residents, employees proud of their skills, and smooth running communities that sparkle with perfection. Kind Dining is thoroughly knowledgeable and can train your staff about government regulations that were conceived to bring quality of life to each community resident. This presents opportunities for all.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Remember, the service you give has the power to build community.