Food Serving Experience

Ambiance in the dining room is vital to success in the community. That means a food serving staff working together, cheerfully, enjoying the work they do. Dining seniors will respond in kind to that attitude if they see it every mealtime. Forward-thinking providers and administrators see the wisdom and value of arming their food serving staff with skills that improve the diners’ and the food servers’ mealtimes.  The manner in which they treat each other is driven by their values. That’s why companies establish values to communicate clear direction and shape the behaviors of staff. Kind Dining® training develops food serving personal and professional behaviors to create that ambiance you want in your dining room, attracting customers to prefer your community over any other.

While the seniors are the focus of food servers it is important that food serving staff have and show the same respect to each other. Kindness between food servers is just as essential and will also be noticed by the diners. If food servers notice where an improvement can be made, encourage them to bring it to management’s attention.  Food servers can show that they care about the community beyond just earning a living; that they take pride in their work. Cultivating relationship skills and building self-esteem gives each food serving staff member a voice. When they see their own value and are able to care for each other, they are better able to respond to senior needs. 

Enhancing seniors’ quality of life by improving the dining experience translates ultimately to the bottom line for business owners and administrators. It’s the goal for the higher standard set for your dining room reflecting over your entire community.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Mealtimes are an opportunity to develop a sense of community.