Have your caregivers and ancillary staff embraced the changing roles of new responsibilities to work as a team with your serving staff?

Watching a well-trained professional team work through a busy mealtime is like watching a theatre production of a top rated director. It gives the viewer pure pleasure to see each person have a part to play and interact gleefully with everyone else.

When your caregivers and ancillary serving staff learn the new routine enforced by the new regulations, they will have the power to create a smooth working mealtime that will enhance each diner’s experience. Kind Dining ® training is at the heart of bringing your staff to understand and comply, creating a beautiful choreograph. Showing the way for them to encompass the entire result intended by the new rules, will make their transition smoother.

Teamwork builds a bond of business friendship between those who work together for a better overall community. Respect comes into play as employees are introduced to routines that are new to them. They are expanding their knowledge and learning how others have been doing their workplace responsibilities. The residents will appreciate it, the organization will appreciate it, and when the serving staff sees the end results that they helped to bring together, they will appreciate it, also.

It’s a beautiful thing, to watch teamwork at its best.

B♥ Kind® Tip: Organizational roles and responsibilities in the dining room require staff to embrace different skills, attitudes, and commitments.