How do you see the work you do?
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“How did you come to work in this assisted living community?” Maryann, who is a part-time food server on Spring Break from college, asked Helen. They formed a friendly/mentor relationship since Maryann first came to work and now share a table during their lunchtime.

“Well,” Helen said, “my kids were off to college, like you” she smiled.

“I married young and was a stay-at-home mom, so I had no business experience, but wanted to go back to work again. There wasn’t much to do once the kids left.

I read the Help Wanted ad and felt confident I would qualify for the job. I had restaurant experience from years ago. They were looking for someone with a work ethic interested in learning and growing skills, friendly, caring, and with strong communication and listening skills.

I’m a mom and superb at those!

The ability to participate in teamwork was mentioned, too. That also appealed to me. I’m a believer in teamwork. Working weekends didn’t faze me and I would not be here later than 9 p.m. A perfect fit, I thought.”

“Wow,” Maryann replied, smiling. “I thought you’d been here forever.”

“No, only five years. I started part-time like you, but the training and continuing education sessions were so helpful that I quickly went full-time. I loved it from the first day. I enjoy the elder residents. Each one has told me their story. That sort of forms a personal bonding connection. It’s true that we food servers work as a team, even the staff who step in when needed. There is no bullying or ridiculing here! You must have noticed.”

“I’m embarrassed to say I kind of just come to work for the wages and convenience of hours.”

“You have noticed the rewards and recognition program, I know. Full-time employees receive excellent benefits, showing that the company respects the effort we make and cares for us, too. They want our residents to be the happiest and healthiest, fulfilling their lives as they desire. As a team of dedicated professionals, we aim to do just that!”

“Thank you, Helen. I see things differently now and will be more caregiving and considerate every day. It’s funny, looking at my work through your observations makes me see clearer and want to change my work habits for the better.”

Kind Dining® training sessions are designed for all employees whether full-time or part-time, including nursing and wellness, housekeeping departments, care staff, recreation teams, and managers. Your team is a powerful asset to the company when they are giving quality service.

Be ♥ Kind Tip: To see your value, look at your work through the eyes of others.