How Does Kind Dining Promote Personal Potential?

A friend of mine, who married very young, told me about leaving an unhappy marriage after fifteen years and entering the workforce for the first time. She started by taking orders from the salesmen for a wine wholesaler. Practicing the pronunciation and spelling of imported wines was vital to her. She didn’t last long. Her employer saw great potential in her desire to learn her responsibilities and moved her up to the telephone switchboard. During the year she was answering phone calls, she temporarily filled the position of each office worker when they went on vacation. Her employer encouraged her to get her high school equivalency diploma. She did. In the following year he offered her the option of becoming a sales representative for the firm. It was the highest position in the company, below his own, of course, and she took it. She never disappointed the boss who saw her potential.

It makes no difference which position of responsibility your employees hold, you want them to do and be the very best they can. Kind Dining ® Training can teach them this different kind of training to see their potential and what it takes to attain it. It makes no difference what knowledge your employees begin with but how willing they are to believe in themselves so they can absorb the training and adopt the fullness of their job. This also applies to the staff when they step in to help at mealtimes. It becomes part of their job description and they will be especially pleased when they notice the huge difference they are making in the lives of  residents.

Senior care community servers need to learn how to blend service with hospitality in order to enhance the residents’ quality of life, regardless if they are full or part-time servers. When the administration leads the way with enthusiasm, showing respect to each employee, they, in turn, will catch that emotional pull and seek their full potential. As a result the residents will be treated to the hospitality they deserve.