How to Attract Clients to Your Community

A friend told me that without revealing her professional interest, she’s asked friends of friends that live in a retirement community what made them choose a particular place for the expected final home of their lifetime? They invariably made an overall comment about the pretty and neatness of a place just before they raved about the dining room. It was a visit to the dining room either invited by a friend or recommended by someone in a friend’s family that brought them to the community they eventually chose.

The feeling of being welcomed into a fresh, clean, neat dining room by pleasant servers who seemed to be naturally skilled in serving correctly made great and lasting impressions. These are the results of Kind Dining® training, whether teaching skills to newly hired servers, or correcting the careless habits of servers who have never been taught how to do it right.

The goal is not to achieve a formal, hotel dining atmosphere but one of a gracious home where friends gather around the warmth of a table to enjoy life. Sharing a meal in the dining room became a way of meeting and forming new friendships. Creating this ambiance can be achieved by the staff understanding the process and becoming aware of the proper way first, followed by the practice of their newly learned skills.

Customer service standards for the dining environment must be in place with the management emphasis on the importance of these standards becoming a daily habit for all servers. Kind Dining® leads the way for necessary adjustments and solutions in the workplace that also benefits the employees by creating confidence and pride in their adjusted responsibilities. Enthusiasm for additional skills learned, is contagious, encouraging management and staff to become part of the teamwork that makes a great community. That is how you attract new customers. Embracing what is within becomes luminous.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Remember, the service you give has the power to build community.