Is Incivility Really a Problem Today?

Every generation seems to complain about the younger generation in the way they dress, in their awful language, and especially in their lack of the good manners taught to the earlier generations. It’s true! There is a new trend begun in the last few years that shows people are leaving high-income and high-stress positions in big cities to return to their home towns or at least to smaller cities to jobs with appreciation of the employee. They cite many reasons for leaving; one of the reasons is incivility in the workplace. They refuse to be insulted, treated like they are worthless and lacking respect any longer. Their complaints are about their superiors and their co-workers!

Where do they go?  To one of the many Start-Up Companies offering and supporting new entrepreneurs an inexpensive, easier way to go into their own businesses. There are niches in the marketplace to fill. Some are able to work from home creating a business out of their former hobbies. Others are willing to work for less money in a position they look forward to going to work each day. These decisions are not made lightly. A person does not leave a fulfilling position unless the atmosphere becomes intolerable. Incivility will do that.

Looking at incivility from the company view point, shows less work production.  Employees unhappy with jobs that they spend at least a third of their life doing, do not enhance the company. Misery in the workplace is like a disease that spreads infecting other employees. A company cannot survive long term under those conditions. The good news shows that training by Kind Dining® for every person in all levels working for your community can avoid the problems that rise from incivility.

Since serving teams and all employees are encouraged to create relationships with residents, it’s also important that they create respectful relationships with their coworkers. This builds a bonding where one helps another coworker when needed. This is more important than ever in the dining room. Kindness and respect for coworkers overflows onto the residents who also benefit from it.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Remember, you are crucial to your community’s success and so are your co-workers.