Is the pandemic the only cause of losing food serving staff?

The pandemic has trimmed many workforces in our long-term care communities. Yet if you read the articles about the industry of food service, you will find that many employees leave the job within the first 90 days because they didn’t know what their work responsibilities were or how to perform them. The simple answer to that seems to be clear. Invest in a food service training program, raise the value of your food serving team, and hold on to them. The focus is still on person-centered care. The training program needs to provide newly hired employees an onboarding experience and your present staff the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance the dining experience for each and every resident. Working smarter in alignment enters into the daily work schedule for nurturing a sense of hospitality and improved healthcare through service.

Kind Dining♥ curriculum was designed to teach your food serving teams from all departments the importance of the dining experience to residents while uncovering the importance of each food server to each resident. They will learn how to build trust and make connections through chit-chat when serving a meal.  Lessons will explore what the company must do to create a winning food service team, to instill pride in the food servers’ work as they take away a better self-image. 

Change is always in the air. A new, sophisticated, generation of older adults fills our communities. New regulations add to the demands and care of the Covid-19 virus and its following strains, making training programs even more vital to your food servers.  These teams wear full personal protective equipment and adhere to the new normal for the foreseeable future. These extraordinary precautions are as fundamental as professionally – trained food servers.

Kind Dining♥ of Higher Standards LLC training modules turns your new employees into professionals, regardless of their diversity. It will guide your present food servers to work in concert as a team, building new habits of working, expanding their knowledge and self-confidence in adding new responsibilities. This translates into improving long-term care and assisted living quality. In addition, you may depend on your employees receiving quality training for nursing home care and the right training to prepare for QIS surveys. Our program is designed to reach a diverse group of servers, using visuals, action exercises, limited text, and the principles of empathy and receiving respect, caring, and integrity. No matter which department your food servers are pulled from, whether temporary or full time, they deserve to know the principles of service and proper serving techniques and your residents deserve that they do.