Is Your Community Dining Room Rising to the Challenge Set by the American Geriatrics Society? Part 1

Remember being 24 years old, going out to dinner with the person/people you wanted most to spend time with. See yourself being recognized when you were greeted at the door of the restaurant and was led to a table you favored. This was where you wanted to savor your choice of food, chat about the day’s happenings and share ideas about what was going on in your life and what the future held. You wanted to linger over dessert without anyone rushing you. You waited all day for that moment. You prepared for it, selected what you wanted to wear and maybe gave thought to subjects you wanted to discuss with that special someone or that special group.

A senior’s physical and cognitive functions may have changed and may have cause for adaptive tools or assistance in one way or another but, inside they are still twenty-four years old and wanting the same joys as when they were that young age. When your community food servers look into a senior’s eyes, as they greet them, and call them by name, they will see that long ago sparkle of youth that still resides within.  This moment will relay to the sensitive food server that this person deserves the best service she can give. This is a focus of Kind Dining® training.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Your community dining room can improve resident weight-loss management!