Is your community full of volunteers yearning to help?

Community Volunteers Kind DiningColleen and Kelly kept their usual lunch date to discuss the upcoming employee meeting in their senior living community. So many changes have taken place over the last two years that they like to stay aware of them. They also enjoy contributing new ideas to help their workplace run even more smoothly. At the present moment, they are working with less than a full food serving staff while the human resources department interviews new applicants. They have built a personal friendship out of Colleen’s mentoring Kelly on the job they both love doing. Both also firmly believe hospitality compliments, healthcare, and go hand in hand.

“I like this new menu. It has several additions that are interesting,” Kelly said. “Maybe I’ll take note and slip it to our chef. He may appreciate the suggestions for our Bistro or wherever he wants to add them. At the least, he’ll know we are thinking of him while eating somewhere else.” She chuckled as she spoke the words, knowing he would accept it as being helpful, not critical.

Colleen agreed. “Good idea Kelly. Yes, do that. He knows we’re on the same team, working toward the same goal. Every little bit helps. He’s relieved too, that our residents understand about some shortages that happen in our deliveries. I’ve explained it a few times when women complained. They just had no idea that some items are still scarce to get until our supply companies are fully staffed. The entire industry has suffered losses.

“At the meeting, I’ll mention that Ms. Johnson and her friend Ms. Davis have volunteered to come in 3 days a week for an hour or two in the morning to fold napkins and set tables. They both retired from the restaurant field and are happy to give a helping hand. They already have 3 days covered by Ms. Jenkins doing the same thing. Sherry told me that she’s accepted an offer from Ms. Williams to assist her in entertainment. She’s retired from a college art department still full of ideas for art projects. We work in a great community!”

Communication is imperative for building relationships. When residents understand the enormous effort the company and staff are facing, it changes attitudes. Understanding pulls all facets together for a full picture. Kind Dining♥ training courses were designed from understanding the best parts of hospitality, and dining service and crafting our unique hospitality brand, which connects with and supports the best parts of culture change and healthcare. Hiring challenges are leveled with interactive training sessions and practice. Strategic communication between staff and residents is emphasized. Kind Dining♥ training was created for the well-being of others.

B♥ Kind Tip: Your staff has an important role to play in helping residents understand the Covid challenge to the community’s services.