Is your community touched by kindness?

A woman was talking to her friend, saying that the kindness of strangers is spreading. While buying a soldier a cup of coffee, paying for her meal, or toll on the turnpike continues, random acts of kindness have spread and touched assisted living and nursing communities in a new way. Two women came up with the idea after reading an article in the newspaper about Maine Acts of Kindness. They wanted to help. One of the women, a now-out-of-work hairstylist, and her friend collected in excess of $3000.00 for iPads and cases. They are highlighting volunteer work during these pandemic times when many of the older generations in long-term care are feeling isolated without the benefit of family and friend visits because of the quarantine.  Socialization is vital to good health. Even encouraging friends and family to send greeting cards helps residents feel in touch is a kindness that takes little effort.

A 16-year-old in New York placed flyers around her hometown and collected enough puzzles, word books, activity books, and other items to fill 370 care packages for a nursing center to help those in COVID 19 isolation. She wanted them to know someone cares enough to share kindness.

Food servers are a huge part of the kindness of helping residents keep their spirits lifted in this time of isolation. They are in contact with individual residents every day, three times, or more, a day. Emotions may be running higher than usual because residents missed being with their families and friends personally over the holidays.  Food servers bringing a meal tray to a room can make a difference by kindly breaking the ice in passing along a few comments to open a conversation that will help relieve strained emotions. In improving the dining service your team begins with small steps. Kind Dining♥ training inspires your food serving team to use kindness wherever they are in the community but they have the most impact while serving meals. The best service isn’t just a nice thing to do; it is a valuable tool in accomplishing quality of life for residents.  Communities have moved closer toward person-centered care which brings the focus on mealtimes.

When food servers practice their Kind Dining♥ skills every day; improvements soon come naturally. Setting higher standards in dining is a positive change; embrace it. Mealtimes are important to your company’s reputation; how your team serves meals matters. Through goal-setting, your food serving team can turn a blue day into a joyful one.

B Kind ®Tip:  Demonstrate extra kindness today.