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During a coffee break at the Senior Living Community, Lillian was chatting with her food serving team. “Whew! Thankfully, today is going along much smoother than yesterday! I don’t remember having a day like that when everything that could go wrong did go wrong! It’s not through anyone’s fault or anything major. It’s just a string of little incidents being off-center. It seemed things broke or just went the opposite way of right.” She laughed, happy that they all survived the day before.

“Yes,” Don said. “I agree and when I thought about it last night, I realized how the lessons practiced in our training sessions helped to pull us out of what could have been an even worse day than it was. Does that make sense to anyone else?”

“It does to me. I always carry the statement of ‘Working Smarter, not Harder’ in my head. “Mary piped in. “Yesterday proved how good training can save the day.”

“Now that you mention it, my favorite phrase learned is “Hospitality is Healthcare.” It makes me feel like I am doing something important that isn’t always obvious but is always there, underneath, and important. My caring makes a difference. We make a difference.”

Lillian smiled back.  “I like ‘Happy dining equals happy residents equals a more successful senior care community.’ I think our teamwork and camaraderie help us achieve that vision. Teamwork was obvious yesterday and is a part of our workdays. We all use kindness, almost as a badge of honor now, if we didn’t before. We don’t mention it, but it makes us the caring workers. I’m sure you have all noticed the difference in our working together since the woman whose name I didn’t mention left. Some people don’t seem to want to change, grow, and learn to love coming to work.”

Your staff’s behavior will determine the kind of community you have, and your training program will determine the kind of staff you have. Training that does not change behaviors, encourage responsibility, and move your food-serving teams towards caring wastes time and money.

Kind Dining® training curriculum was designed for your employees to embrace learning, practice, and results. It allows those employees to build teams that work together and make your community the place seniors want to live.

Kind Dining® asks what goals your community staff intends to achieve this year. Are you working to improve service quality standards or build confident, caring teams?

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