Is your food serving team committed to endure the months ahead?

A friend of a friend told me how upset he was because he couldn’t enter his mother’s assisted living community to visit her. “That’s why I moved to this area,” he said. “I visit her three times a week until today. The door was closed to me. I want to see how she is doing.” It was explained to him about the COVID-19 virus and this is what they were doing to stop the spreading of the disease. It is a time for active commitment for the common good-social solidarity– in order to stop the spreading of this disease. It was difficult but essential for him to understand the depth of their continued care. He was informed that they were even delivering all meals to each resident’s room as a way of fulfilling physical distancing.

Kind Dining® stresses that mealtimes are the most important time of the day for residents because they benefit from social contact. Until presently, communal dining has been an essential social time for residents. Now food servers will be filling that mealtime space by individual service to each resident’s room.  At a time when the general population is upset, worried, stressed, and concerned, your food serving team can embrace being calm, uplifting, pleasant, chatty, and reassuring to each resident served. Add remembering to constantly wash hands to the list of duties. Find ways to give your food serving team time and techniques to give extra care and attention to residents who need to stay in their rooms for solitary meals for the common good of all. It’s what a food serving team does. It’s what a good food serving team does.

It is also important that every food server in your community needs to understand their vital role during this time of crisis. Let them know how valued, appreciated and supportive they are to the community, resident, and resident’s family. Facilities must include a training program for volunteers if they are brought in to help in the food serving process.. This pandemic will not disappear overnight. Communities ought to prepare for a lengthy stretch. We at Kind Dining are here to support you and your success. 


Thank you for your service and the hard work you do. 

You matter

You are needed

You are appreciated


Remember, coming to work today, you made a difference.


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