Is your serving staff looking forward to a new year with gratefulness?

We have a new year to look forward to, carrying the experience of living through an unprecedented year of the pandemic that has not happened before in our lifetime. Many older adults have lived through sorrow and loss and had built resilience to get them through the difficulties we face today. Our senior living communities have changed guidelines and rearranged dependable daily routines to suit the situations they now faced.  Caregivers and food servers have stretched their capacity to learn new ways of working smarter to better assist residents in their communities. Year 2020 is behind us and we have managed, not only to survive but progressed our services and move forward to continue improving quality of life and person-centered care.

At Kind Dining♥ our foundation is hospitality is healthcare. Our goal is coaching, teaching ways of giving better service to your community residents, and building food serving teams that serve each other as well. Isolation has been a difficult obstacle to overcome. Food servers have learned to communicate with the residents they serve by opening conversations and becoming a lifeline to the world outside their door. They continue nourishing the mental well-being of those living solo. For some older residents who have been lacking in the digital world, food servers have helped keep their spirits up and kept them in touch with the latest local news.  Volunteers have collected and donated Ipads, other technological items, and articles for creative art energies to keep our older adults active. This has been a year of giving and sharing.

Caregivers and food servers have shown a resilient source of strength this past year. They have shown up for work facing the possibility of becoming sick themselves. Yet, they are dedicated to the work they do and the community that appreciates their work and loyalty. Kind Dining♥ has increased its online opportunities to continue helping serving staff to learn how to work smarter and to realize that the kindness they show makes them feel better as they are making others feel better. Vaccines are now on the way although it will take some time to reach everyone. It is a time to feel gratitude for the lessons we have learned, improvements made and the progress accomplished through this pandemic year. While we are still facing difficult times ahead expressing gratitude for what we have survived creates a ripple effect that others will recognize and will respond to with their own gratitude.


B♥ Kind ♥Tip: Commit yourself to great service and gratitude today.