Marketing plans? Do you keep your community dining room in mind?

Robert opened a bistro in a small town expecting people to flock in just because his place was new. Just in case that didn’t happen, he had a plan to use coupons, specials, and discounts to get people to try his menus. He knew once they came they would return. He was that confident in his menu, his serving staff, and his charming dining room.

He was right. His bistro was the cat’s meow. Once people came in, tasted his food, were charmed by his staff and felt happy sitting in such a lovely room they couldn’t wait to tell their friends, family, and neighbors about this new bistro in town. Word quickly spread. While he did some inexpensive ads in the next town over, he never needed coupons or discounts. The dining experience spoke for itself. People lined up at lunchtime and sometimes came in early so they could get a table without waiting.

The dining room in your senior community is a great marketing tool. Let it speak for itself when you know your menus are varied and tempting to the palate. Look at the ambiance as if you were an invited guest unrelated to the community. See what a guest sees and feels when they enter the dining room. Would they feel welcome? Would their eyes and nose tell them that this was the place they wanted to sit at the table to enjoy a dining experience with friends, not just a place to get a bite to eat?  Would they tell their friends and neighbors about this wonderful place when they were ready for a retirement home? Do their guests say they are pleased with your senior community being their friend’s new home?

Investing in your community dining room is a wise decision. Kind Dining® can help you have a dining room that matches the success of the bistro mentioned above. We can train your food servers to adopt the attitude of being happy to see your residents enter the dining room. The diners in return will be happy to see them, because your food servers will be competent, polite, caring, and loving what they contribute to the dining hour. Your food servers and seniors will look forward to seeing each other because mealtime is more than just getting a bite to eat.

The dining room is the most important place for improvement investments in your senior retirement community and your food servers are where you begin.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip: Train your food servers to make a good first impression at every meal.