Remember the newly hired person who didn’t really fit?

If you think that the next employee you hire will bring a fresh new outlook to your present group of food servers, take a deep breath and rethink that thought. Remember the last time you hired a person you thought was perfect for the job only to find that one little item slipped through the evaluation and analysis. It’s the same one that caused two really good food servers to quit and leave without notice. Remember that? Remember the angry notes and dark looks you got from residents because they missed the most considerate food server in the dining room who was one of those who quit?

Surveys show that increased turnover of employees is the cause of diminished effectiveness, productivity, and profits. Food servers are so much more than someone who sells paper clips. They know the residents they serve and many that they don’t, but see from time to time. They know their coworkers sharing duties, and exchange social chatter that adds to the pleasure of a job. They talk with the caregiving teams, the kitchen workers who plan and make the food they serve. They know those in the office and the housekeeping teams. Exchanges of pleasantries with everyone they come in contact adds to the smooth operating of a community. It takes time and training to obtain this experience. If you need guidance in this area or to understand the process, contact Kind Dining®. It is better and wiser to train the food serving team you have instead of hoping the new person hired will work out well.

Think of the money involved in training one new person to try to make them fit in with your present long term food service team. A better fit is to have your food service improved by the guidance of Kind Dining® when they can call on your entire food servers to work as true teammates.

Our B Kind® Tip: You are important to your company’s reputation!