Are Your Servers Practicing Their Skills Every Time They Serve?

Stop, Look & Listen; Where Can You Improve Service?

When I was a child and trains carried the heavy load that tractor-trailers do now, there were a lot of railroad tracks to cross, enough to plant the phrase that I still carry in my mind. Today it makes me think of the community dining room.

The servers that are at the top of their job, stop, look, and listen. It is the best way to feel, see, and hear if a resident needs attention, if something has been left undone, or if another staff member needs help. Have your servers know the routine of the dining room, the menu being served today, and show the kindness needed to have serene mealtimes that are conducive to healthy digestion. Train them to play the part of making residents happy, to be aware and sensitive, to be kind and thoughtful. Teach them to be smart and they will be appreciated.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg!  For more information on the opportunity of Kind Dining© training, click here to contact me.