What is Kind Dining®?

Every senior housing community, whether retirement or skilled healthcare, must provide the best dining experience it can offer. In order to reach that goal a new mindset and skill set ought to be put in place. It’s time for the organization to realize that residents are not guests in the community but have chosen to make the community their home. It is necessary for servers and administrators to recognize this in order to alter their thinking when serving in the dining room. It is vital that servers are courteous, respectful, kind, and show friendly warmth. Patience is a key factor.

It is important that each employee knows that they are not separate from, but a vital part of the success of the community. Education and training skills will bring them to understand that this is especially meaningful in the dining room. Using social skills such as making eye contact and using a person’s name along with proper serving techniques need to be taught to part time servers as well as the full time staff.

A core company value in any community is empathy. Staff members are often unclear about this emotional skill that can be developed for use on a daily basis allowing it to become a natural response. The server’s job is complex, often affecting those with the least amount of educational background. This is where Kind Dining® steps in to fill that most important gap. Proper training that embraces all aspects of serving is paramount to success in your community.

Our B♥ Kind® Tip:  Handle all your job tasks without needing to be asked. Embrace the new changes with a smile and positive attitude. Start with small, simple steps and keep going.