Would your employees enjoy sharing the news?

Kelly was so charged about her new idea for the next employee meeting that she could hardly concentrate on a menu choice at their favorite lunch Bistro. “We’ve talked to our residents about being unable to order some foods and stock items right now that aren’t available because of the Covid pandemic. Sharing our difficulties has raised understanding between residents and the company. We employees, especially food servers, have created a noticeable bond of trust. But there is a different side to that which we haven’t discussed. We, as food servers and the other employees, can be very influential in changing the perception the public has,  about the long term, assisted living, and retirement communities.”

Colleen, enjoying their monthly lunch date, was intrigued. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

“It is just common sense that we, who work there, know everything about our communities; the benefits to our residents, and the actual enjoyment they get from living with us. The common thought that our communities are a place to stick Mom so she will be out of the family’s way is so opposite, that we need to spread the word about us. Other than talking about our work and community when we are in social situations, we can also spread the word on social media. When we send out glimpses of our family life, we can also mention fun events that our residents enjoyed. I think many people will pay attention because it isn’t paid advertisement.”

“You may have a good idea, Kelly,” Colleen said. “It’s worth mentioning at the meeting as an added indication of how we love what we do for a living. It is like an overflow of goodwill.”

“Yes,” replied Kelly. “If we love working in our community, the people who live there must love it too. It also boasts of the results of good training. We’re so lucky our company keeps us up to date on everything to do with our work.”

It is probably natural that people hang onto old, worn-out impressions of what Senior Living, Assisted living, or any long-term care communities are still the same as they were 50 years ago. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Kind Dining♥ training programs educate employees to learn to love the work they do, be up-to-date on today’s community living, and want to spread the good news. Mother Teresa started the “one person at a time” idea. Employees can reach many people by sharing their work experience the same way, i.e., one person at a time. When employees are happy with their work proud of the community, they come to every workday and want to share their joy, encouraging them to spread the word. It would be the most sincere advertising of your community that you could have.

B♥ Kind Tip: Being proud of where you work is a sincere compliment to the company.