Would your food serving staff like to advance their skills?

Smiling Restaurant Staff Gesturing Thumbs Up Against White KInd Dining Trainees

Is the goal for your long-term care community to be superior in service to other communities in your area? To have your reputation rise above all others? To be a top-notch community where service people want to work, and aging adults want to live? If you answer yes, it is time to introduce lifetime learning to your staff.

Kind Dining® has helped staff understand and improve their role and the importance of teamwork to enhance dining and nutrition for residents by adding new ways to their workday.

Learning ‘mindset before skill and tool set’, including soft skills, to their present skills to become a valuable member of the food serving team.  These soft skills of conscientiousness, personal reflection, and development, added to experience and mentorship, are learned through our Kind Dining® training sessions. Their soft skills become power skills.

We have revisited staff who benefitted from our curriculum to hear what they learned from Kind Dining® training sessions. The following are a few of the replies received:

“I’m more compassionate, take my time to listen, and make their mealtime more enjoyable. Helped in the serving department and treated the residents as if they were in a restaurant setting. I am more aware of how I serve the resident their food. Try to breathe through my nose before I respond. When something goes wrong.” – Caregiver

“Remembering to have empathy, remembering that the care center is a home, showing kindness to everyone.”   -Activities

“I am rephrasing how I want to explain things to the resident. I’m making the food look more presentable and prettier for the residents.” Cook

“I engage in more conversations, and I am more attentive to the needs of the residents when they are dining in the dining room.” Caregiver

“Dining as a community event and the role of food in healing.” Nurse

Quietly send your mother to have dinner in your dining room:

  • Would she experience a well-oiled team working together?
  • Would the dining room be full of smiles?
  • Would her needs be satisfied without asking?
  • Would she receive kindness and compassion?
  • Would the staff exchange polite words with her?
  • Would she be served an appetizing and nutritious meal?
  • Would you be delighted with the report she brought back to you?

Be committed to hospitality and healthcare in your community by enrolling your staff in continuous learning with Kind Dining® training. Help your staff advance their skills. Kind Dining® training modules, now offered online, will save your company time and money.

Check them out at KindDining.com

Be ♥ Kind Tip: Superior teamwork enhances the dining experience for residents.