How do your employees become one of the good ones?

How do your employees become one of the good ones?




How do you become ‘one of the good ones’, as an employee is sometimes referred to? Many times several employees do the same work, get it done on time and never cause a problem. Yet they aren’t especially referred to as ‘one of the good ones’. 

There is more to responsibility than basic work. Attitude is important. A positive, uplifting attitude is major. It is the sincere smile, the pleasant comment, and adding some hot coffee to a half-filled cup that makes a difference.

Often it is the small things that someone may accept without fuss but notice when they don’t happen. It is noticed when an employee gives a lending hand to her teammate without even thinking about it.

Those little things make a person shine. Often, they don’t even realize it. Residents notice and smile because they know ‘that’s one of the good ones’.

Every employee can be one of those good ones.

  • First, it takes desire (who wouldn’t want to be noted like that)
  • Then it takes learning how to be aware and
  • Finally, it takes practice.

Kind Dining training sessions can step in to help with those requirements. Starting with a positive mindset uplifts the individual as well as those around them. Follow up with intentional acts of kindness to the work performance and your elders will notice.

They will also gain a sense of being wanted; feeling that they fill a special place. It is impressive to your employees when they realize it only takes 5 seconds to perform an intentional act of kindness, with great positive results.

How could anyone resist after learning such a powerful fact? The next step is practice, practice, practice until it comes naturally, without a second thought.

The Kind Dining curriculum was designed to teach your employees, among other skills, the soft skill of small talk, and find value and joy in the work they do.

Your employees are a powerful asset to the company when they are giving quality service.

When a member of your staff serves a meal or a beverage, they are extending hospitality.

When they freshen a cup of coffee or tea, start a conversation, or offer a sincere compliment, it is an act of intentional kindness while also extending healthcare.

When hospitality, healthcare, and kindness are given together from one of the team, they are ‘one of the good ones’.

Set your intention and connect with Kind Dining today.