DiningRD Acquires Kind Dining

DiningRD Acquires Kind Dining

DiningRD Acquires Kind Dining

I want to let you know that Kind Dining is transitioning to become part of a more significant movement to enhance relationships and the dining experience in senior living communities across the United States and Canada.

Please understand how critical you all are to positively affect the lives of people living and working in senior living environments.

It’s been my personal mission to fill the gaps, create the way for relationship bonds between staff and residents, and reduce the epidemic of loneliness through staff personal and professional growth through education, skill development, and consistent training.

Being acquired by DiningRD is an honor. It offers a fresh approach to breaking down barriers within and around the dining experience.

Helping people open their hearts and minds to find a new sense of purpose, love their work, and keep their focus and energy on what matters most.

This is key to building communities of belonging.

Thank you for being a part of the Kind Dining Community.

Your support, business, constructive feedback, stories, and love all contributed to the enthusiasm and resources that have contributed to our success.

I am grateful for you.

I will stay an active partner with DiningRD as a mentor and coach.

You can read more details in the press release below.


Kindness is a way of Life ~